Why Did My Copy Trade Order Fail?

btcc.comBTCC Support7 months ago

At BTCC Exchange, we prioritise delivering an optimal investment experience through our copy trading feature. However, due to the intricate nature of copy trading, users may sometimes encounter order registration failures. This article will try to outline the key reasons for potential copy trade order failures.


1. Insufficient Assets:

Failure to open a copy trade can occur if your account lacks sufficient USDT. For instance, if opening a trade requires a 20 USDT margin but your account holds less than 20 USDT, the trade won't open. Ensure your account has enough USDT (≥ required margin) for successful trading. Remember, after adding funds to meet the margin requirement, you must manually re-initiate the copy trade as the system won't automatically do it.


2. Order is Below Minimum Single Copy Trade Amount:

BTCC sets a minimum amount for opening positions, and orders below this threshold may not be registered. This minimum amount varies across different perpetual contracts.

It's important to differentiate between a user's amount per trade and the maximum copy trading margin per trade set in their settings. For users following with a fixed margin, their amount per order equals the set maximum amount per order multiplied by the leverage ratio. In the case of proportional margin followers, their amount per order is calculated as the lead trader’s margin per order multiplied by the copy trader's set multiplier.

Specifically, for fixed margin users, if the BTC-USDT perpetual contract's current minimum trade amount is 300 USDT and the lead trader uses a 3x BTC leverage, the copy trader needs to invest at least 100 USDT (300/3) for each copy trade. Therefore, the copy trader should set their copy trading margin per trade at ≥100 USDT in their settings. Setting it below 100 USDT will prevent them from copying the BTC-USDT perpetual contract. It is advisable to increase the copy trading margin per trade to ensure the set amount multiplied by the contract leverage ratio is always ≥ the minimum required for a single order.

For those using a proportional margin, if the minimum trade amount for the BTC-USDT perpetual contract is 300 USDT and the lead trader places an order valued at 600 USDT, the copy trader’s proportional copy trade margin per order must be at least 0.5x (300/600). Setting this margin below 0.5x will inhibit the ability to copy the trade and open a BTC-USDT perpetual contract. Thus, it is recommended to increase the proportional copy trade margin per order to ensure that the value of the lead trader's opening order multiplied by the user’s proportional copy trade margin per order is ≥ the minimum amount required for a single order.

*Note: The minimum amount may vary with market conditions. Always refer to the current limits listed on each perpetual contract.


3. Exceeding Your Set Maximum Copy Trade Amount:

When setting your parameters for copy trading, you may have established a maximum copy trading margin. This limit caps the total margin you can allocate to copying a lead trader. Should your cumulative margin investment in a lead trader surpass this threshold, the system will stop copying new trades from them. To prevent this, you can adjust your maximum copy trading margin in the settings. It's important to note that this calculation of exceeding your maximum copy trading margin includes all prior margin investments made in copying this lead trader. For continuous and successful order openings, consider increasing your maximum copy trading margin.


Copy Trade Order Holding Position 1 Holding Position 2 Previous Position 1 Previous Position 2
Invested margin 100 USDT 200 USDT 300 USDT 100USDT
Total cumulative invested margin 100 + 200 + 100 + 100 = 500USDT      
Maximum copy trading margin set by user Eg. 600USDT      
Doest the cumulative invested margin exceed the maximum copy trading margin set by user?


Below threshold