BTCC Copy Trading - FAQ

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1. What are the profit-sharing rules for BTCC copy trading?

Between 10% and 15% of the copy trader’s profits are paid to the lead trader as commission. The specific percentage depends on the lead trader's designated profit-sharing ratio.


Example: If lead trader A has a profit-sharing percentage of 10%, and a copied trade generates a profit of 100 USDT, then the lead trader will receive 10% of 100 USDT, which amounts to 10 USDT.


Detailed Rules:

  • The system tallies the profit and loss (PnL) of each copied order within the settlement period. Commission is deducted from each profitable trade immediately. At the time of settlement, if the total commission deducted from the copy trader’s account exceeds the actual commission due to the lead trader, the excess will be refunded to the copy trader, and the lead trader's account will be credited with the actual commission amount.

  • Profit distribution occurs only when there are no open positions linked between the copy trader and the lead trader, meaning all copy trading orders must be closed. If the copy trader’s portfolio still includes open positions copied from the lead trader, the profit distribution will be deferred until all positions are closed.

  • The BTCC copy trading settlement cycle operates on a natural day basis (daily settlement), with the profit and loss calculation spanning from 16:00 (UTC) to 15:59:59 (UTC) each day. The settlement process begins at 16:00 (UTC).



  • Net Profit and Loss at Settlement: 200 - 50 + 300 - 500 + 500 + 100 = 550 USDT
  • Total Pre-Deducted Profit-Sharing Amount: 20 + 30 + 50 + 10 = 110 USDT
  • Actual Profit-Sharing Amount: 550U × 10% = 55 USDT
  • Refund to Copy Trader: 110 - 55 = 55 USDT


At settlement, the system calculates the copy trader’s total PnL of 550 USDT for the period. The lead trader is entitled to 55 USDT (10% of 550 USDT). Since 110 USDT was initially deducted as prepaid commission, 55 USDT will be transferred to the lead trader's account, and the remaining 55 USDT will be refunded to the copy trader's account.


Note: Settlement will be deferred to the next cycle if the copy trader has any open positions linked to the lead trader at the time of settlement.

2. How many levels are there in the lead trader's profit-sharing hierarchy?

BTCC has 4 levels of profit-sharing for lead traders, determined by the lead trader's average copy trading volume over the last 30 days:


Level Avg. Copy Trading Volume in the Last 30 Days (USDT) Profit-Sharing Ratio
L1 < 0  10%
L2 ≤ 50,000 12%
L3 ≤ 300,000  13%
L4 ≤ 1,000,000  15%

3. When are the profits for copy trading and lead trading settled?

Profits from copy trading are distributed as soon as the copied position is closed, with a portion of the earnings allocated to the lead trader based on their specified profit-sharing ratio.


The commission earned from lead trading is settled daily at 16:00 (UTC).


4. How many followers can each lead trader have?

Up to 500.


5. What is the maximum number of lead traders a copy trader can follow? Is there a limit to the number of orders that can be copied simultaneously?

A copy trader can follow a maximum of 10 lead traders, with no restriction on the number of trading orders that can be copied concurrently.


6. What criteria must be met to qualify as a lead trader?

To be eligible to apply as a lead trader at BTCC, users must fulfill the following requirements:


  • The user is not currently following any other lead traders and does not have any open positions resulting from copy trades.
  • The user has successfully completed identity verification. For users in Korea, both identity verification and facial verification are mandatory.

7. What additional setup is required for a lead trader after their application has been approved?

Once approved, lead traders need to:


  • Fill out their lead trader profile and select their desired trading contracts for leading.
  • Maintain a minimum balance of 200 USDT when opening positions. While lead traders with balances below 200 USDT can still open positions for themselves, they will not be eligible to lead trades.

8. What modes are available for BTCC's copy trading feature?

BTCC's copy trading feature offers two distinct modes:


  • Fixed Amount: Users can specify a fixed amount to be applied to each copy trading order.

  • Position Ratio: Users can set a fixed ratio for each copy trading order relative to the lead trader's position. For instance, if the lead trader places an order with a margin of 10 USDT and the copy trader selects a 10x ratio, the margin for the copied order will be 100 USDT. Set a fixed ratio for each copy trading order.

9. Are the copy/lead trading orders separate from the user's own trading orders?

Yes. Copied/leading trades are shown on a separate list under the user’s futures page.


10. Is it possible for a lead trader to modify their position mode while leading trades?

Yes, a lead trader has the flexibility to switch between different position modes at any time, regardless of whether they are currently engaged in leading trades.


11. Which trading pairs are supported in the copy trading feature?

Currently, BTCC supports copy trading for the following 29 USDT contracts:


  21. OPUSDT


*Depending on the specific settings of each lead trader, the trading pairs available for their followers may vary. More trading pairs will be supported in the future upon further announcement.


12. What configurable options are available for copy traders?

Copy traders have the autonomy to adjust the following settings for their copy trading orders:


  • Modify: Users can alter their investment amount per order and their maximum copy trading amount after initiating a trade. Any changes will be applied the next time the lead trader opens a new position.
  • Fixed Amount: Users can set a specific amount for each trade, with the allowable range being from 10 to 100,000 USDT.
  • ​Position Ratio: Users can determine the ratio of their trade size relative to the lead trader’s position, with the allowable range being from 0.01x to 10x.
  • ​​Maximum Investment Amount (USDT): Users can set a cap on their total investment for copy trading, ranging from 10 to 200,000 USDT. Once this limit is reached, copy trading will be temporarily halted, and no additional funds will be allocated to copy new positions from the lead trader. However, any existing linked positions will remain active. New positions will only be suspended temporarily.
  • Copy Trading Stop Loss: Users can set a stop loss for their copy trading activities, with the allowable range being from 1 to 100,000. Users also have the option to determine the action to be taken with their copied positions once the stop loss is triggered. Available actions include: Market-close-all, Copy-close-orders, and Manual. The default setting for all users is Market-close-all. When the copy trading stop loss is activated, existing positions will be managed accordingly, the user will be automatically unlinked from the lead trader, and copy trading will cease.
  • Single Take Profit: Users can set a Take Profit Rate for individual trades, with the allowable range being from 0% to 150%.
  • Single Stop Loss: Users can set a Stop Loss for individual trades, with the allowable range being from 0% to 75%.

13. Are there any leverage restrictions for positions taken by a lead trader?

Lead traders face no constraints on the leverage they can apply to their positions.


14. Are there any geographic restrictions on accessing BTCC's copy trading features?In which regions is copy trading unavailable?

BTCC's copy trading services are accessible globally, with exceptions in certain countries due to regulatory constraints or service limitations. These countries include Zimbabwe, Jordan, Russia, Belarus, Iran, Ukraine, Somalia, the Cayman Islands, Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan, Bermuda, Haiti, Cuba, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Mainland China.