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Welcome to BTCC’s API.

This page is the official and sole documentation for BTCC’s API. The functionalities and services provided by BTCC’s API will be continuously updated in this page, and any future announcements or updates will be made here.



To use BTCC’s API, please log in to the web portal first and complete the application and permission configuration for the API keys. Then, refer to the instructions below for details on development and trading.

After logging in, you can use this link to create an API key.

Each user can create a maximum of 5 sets of API keys, and each API key can be configured with read and trade permissions.


For each set of API keys, you can bind up to 5 unique IP addresses.


The permissions are explained as follows:

• Read Permission: Read permission is used for querying data interfaces, such as order inquiries, transaction history, etc.

• Trade Permission: Trade permission is used for placing orders and canceling orders.


After successfully creating your API keys, please write down or keep a record of your Secret Key (visible only during the application process).

Integration Guide


Click here to download: BTCC API Guide


Websocket Market Charts


Click here to download: Websocket Guide


Contact Us

If you have any questions, inquiries, or suggestions regarding our API, you can:

Contact our official customer service chat or send an email to [email protected].


If you encounter any API errors, please provide us with the following information using the template below.

1. Give a brief description of your problem

2. Your User ID (UID) and Order ID (if relevant to the account or order)

3. Complete URL request

4. Complete JSON-formatted request parameters (if applicable)

5. Complete JSON-formatted response results

6. Time when the error started occurring, and if it’s recurring, how frequently

7. String before the signature (if it is a signature authentication error)


Here’s an example of how your submission should look:


1. Problem Description: Signature Error

2. UID: 123456

3. Complete URL Request: GET https://xxxxxxxx

4. Complete JSON-formatted Parameters: N/A

5. Complete JSON-formatted Response: {"status":"error","err-code":"api-signature-not-valid","err-msg":"Signature not valid: Incorrect xxx key [xxx key error]","data":null}

6. Error Frequency: Occurs every time

7. String before the signature: GET\nxxxxxxxx


Note: Remember not to share your Secret Key with anyone. If you accidentally expose your Secret Key, please delete the corresponding API Key as soon as possible to prevent any potential loss to your account.