BTCC Risk Reserve Fund

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Risk Reserve Fund Balance

978,810.28 USDT


Used Risk Reserve Fund 

21,189.72 USDT

What is the Risk Reserve Fund?

The BTCC Risk Reserve Fund is an emergency fund established to protect traders’ assets and provide a fair trading environment. Funded by BTCC, the fund aims to cover the losses of bankrupt users (negative balance accounts) and the losses caused by system failures.


What is the Risk Reserve Fund used for?

A trader’s account balance may go below 0 during extreme market conditions when their losses exceed their margins. In this case, BTCC will cover 100% of bankrupt users’ negative balance with the Risk Reserve Fund Balance. When system failures occur during trading, compensation of a reasonable amount will be paid to traders from the Risk Reserve Fund Balance.


Where does the Risk Reserve Fund come from?

BTCC has fully invested 1 million USDT for the fund.


When is the Risk Reserve Fund Balance updated?

Both Risk Reserve Fund Balance and Used Risk Reserve Fund are updated weekly.

Note: The Risk Reserve Fund is fully funded by BTCC, and BTCC reserves the right to alter, revise, modify, and/or change these terms at any time.