I have issues buying crypto with a credit/debit card

btcc.comBTCC Support2 years ago

1. Why Did My Crypto Purchase Fail?

1. Credit card restrictions

  • Overseas transactions restricted by the credit card you’re using.
  • Credit card limit has been reached (single transaction limit or monthly limit)
  • 3D Secure authentication issues, which could be that your credit card type is not supported or your credit card does not support 3D Secure authentication.
  • Risk control issues from the bank of your credit card (fraud prevention by the bank, the amount of money spent by the user is higher than before, the payment is not completed after using the same card within a short period of time, etc.

2. Pop-up messages that appear on the BTCC web/app


When submitting payment:

  • “Account Restricted”
  • “IP Address Restricted”
  • “Identity Verification Required”

During the payment process:

  • “Payment failed” (For example, the card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please use another card.)
  • Other failure messages

3. Maintenance/system upgrades of the payment channel

We will make announcements to inform users about the scheduled maintenance/system upgrades prior.

2. What Should I Do if My Crypto Purchase Failed?


1. Credit card restrictions


If you encounter restrictions on your credit card, please contact your card issuer for assistance. Ask customer support to check and adjust the relevant restrictions, then try to buy crypto with the same card on our platform again.

As for 3D Secure authentication-related issues, please try using another credit card for your purchase.


2. Pop-up messages that appear on the BTCC web/app


“Identity Verification Required” — Please complete identity verification first.


“Account Restricted” & “IP Address Restricted” — It is likely that the crypto purchase failed because of the conditions listed on your credit card’s terms of service. Please use other credit cards to buy crypto or make a deposit by transferring crypto from other platforms/wallets to your BTCC account.


If you still see a failure message after using another credit card, please take a screenshot of the message and get in touch with our customer support for further assistance.


3. Maintenance/system upgrade of the payment channel


To provide a better experience for our users, the credit card payment channel will undergo maintenance or system upgrades from time to time.

You may wait for the maintenance/upgrades to complete, or you can use other forms of payment to buy crypto on our platform.


3. Credit Card Crypto Purchase FAQs

Q1: How can I check my assets?

On the BTCC app, tap Assets from the bottom menu. Then tap the icon at the top right corner of the Assets page to go to Transaction details. From there, you can see all the transactions of your account.


Q2: My crypto purchase was successful, but I haven’t received the deposit.

My payment was made within 30 minutes ago.

If the payment has been successfully made, please wait patiently for the deposit to arrive. Under normal circumstances, deposits will arrive in your BTCC account within 30 minutes.

My payment was made more than 30 minutes ago.

  • I paid using Simplex
    On the BTCC app, please go to the payment page and select Simplex. Please enter the deposit amount and fill in the information as required. Please note that the information submitted in must be correct. After Simplex checking all the details, your deposit will be reflected on your account.
  • I paid using a service provider that is not MoonPay or Simplex
    Please get in touch with our customer support via Live Chat with the following information for immediate assistance:
    - Your BTCC registered email address/phone number
    - A screenshot showing your crypto purchase was successful, including information such as the payment date and the amount.

Q3: What are the fees when I buy crypto with a credit card?

The fees that might incur include fees charged by the bank, gas fees, and admin fees charged by third-party service providers. You will get an overview of the fees you need to pay when choosing a service provider for your crypto purchase.


Q4: What is the minimum purchase amount?
The minimum purchase amount for the first purchase with a credit card is 200 USDT. For the purchases afterwards, please refer to the requirements listed by each service provider.


Q5: After a successful payment, how long will it take for the deposit to arrive?
Under normal circumstances, the crypto you purchased (USDT) will arrive in your BTCC account within 30 minutes.

Users who pay with MoonPay or Simplex can check the status with the Transaction Hash (Tx Hash)/Transaction ID (TxID) provided by your chosen service provider.