Futures Copy Trading Now Available


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Copy Trading is finally available at BTCC exchange! Here are the details of the launch:

Copy the Moves of Elite Traders

With the introduction of copy trading, BTCC users in eligible regions can now copy the trades of lead traders in real-time and potentially increase their profit in the long run. After setting your parameters for copy trading, such as position size and maximum margin, the system will automatically start copying the trades of lead traders that you follow. Whether it’s opening or closing a position, the system will help you copy the lead trader’s action in real time and replicate their every move.

Users can also take part in copy trading through two different modes – fixed amount or fixed ratio. This allows you to copy trades using either a set position size or using a certain ratio of the lead trader’s margin, according to your risk appetite. 

Earn Huge Commissions as a Lead Trader

If you are an experienced trader in an eligible region who is consistently making profit with your trades, you can also apply to become a lead trader on BTCC and earn attractive commissions. Here, lead traders can earn a profit sharing of 10-15%, one of the highest in the industry, based on their 30-day average assets under management (AUM), with profits settled daily. Lead traders who join BTCC early will also have a significant advantage as they can build up their AUM early and secure a higher commission rate. 


BTCC’s profit sharing structure for lead traders are as follows:

Look No Further for Futures Copy Trading

With highly customizable settings, a designated tab for managing copied trades, a beginner-friendly interface, daily profit settlement, and higher profit sharing percentages than other exchanges, BTCC exchange offers one of the most competitive copy trading features on the market, especially when it comes to futures trading. BTCC is also one of very few exchanges that offer flexibility when it comes to position modes, and allows users to choose from Hedge mode, One-way mode, and Order mode. BTCC exchange’s launch of copy trading will also be complemented by a fun campaign with a giant prize pool of 412,000USDT that both lead traders and copy traders can win from.

Download the BTCC app now and start profiting with our new copy trading features. Stay tuned for more announcements on BTCC’s promotional campaigns, special rewards, and limited offers.

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