How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency

btcc.comBTCC Support5 months ago

I. Withdrawing cryptocurrency

You can withdraw assets from your BTCC account to other cryptocurrency wallets or platforms.

To withdraw cryptocurrency from your BTCC account, please follow the steps below.


II. How to withdraw cryptocurrency in the app


Step One

Go to the 'Assets Page' and click on 'Withdraw'.



Step Two

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw and your desired withdrawal method.


Step Three

Choose the blockchain network you want to withdraw on.


Step Four

Fill in the required withdrawal information: withdrawal address, address tag, withdrawal amount, address origin, etc.

Remember to read the Reminder section.






Step Five

Click 'Submit' and proceed with security verification.

After successful submission, please wait patiently for the review.

Once approved, please wait patiently for the blockchain transfer confirmation.



III. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will there be a fee for withdrawing?

A1. Each withdrawal requires a fixed fee to cover the blockchain transfer fee.


The withdrawal fee is determined by the respective mainnet, and the mainnet may adjust the fee in situations such as network congestion without further notice. Check the real-time rate on the withdrawal page for the most accurate estimate.


VIP level withdrawal fee rate discount. Learn more >

Additional withdrawal fees. Learn more >

For withdrawal limits and rules, please go to the withdrawal page to learn more.


Q2. Do I need to select a blockchain network for withdrawal?

A2. Please ensure that the blockchain network you have chosen is correct and matches to the network chosen by the recipient, otherwise your assets will not be credited or recovered.


Q3. What is the “contract detail” listed on the withdrawal page?

A3. This is used to identify and distinguish tokens issued on the same blockchain. Please double check that the “contract detail” listed on your withdrawal page matches the one displayed on the recipient platform, otherwise your assets might not be transferred properly or recovered.