How to Complete Identity Verification (KYC)

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1. What is Identity Verification (KYC)?

Identity verification is a procedure to prevent abuse of the BTCC platform by malicious users. It is to provide users with a safe a secure trading environment, ensuring the security of our users’ accounts. You are strongly recommended to complete identity verification on BTCC.


2. BTCC Identity Verification Levels

Currently, BTCC’s identity verification process is split into two levels, which are:

• Identity document verification

• Facial verification

Users will have to pass the identity document verification first before proceeding to the facial verification.


3. Benefits Enjoyed at Each Verification Level


Please note that fiat withdrawal is currently not supported for U.S. users.

4. How to Complete Identity Verification (KYC) on the BTCC app


Identity Document Verification


Step 1

On your BTCC app, tap at the top left corner of the Home page to go to the Account Settings page.

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Step 2

Select Identity Verification on the Account Settings page. Then tap Start verification to begin the verification process.

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Step 3

Tap Continue and select the document issuing country as well as the document type. Then take a picture of the document and upload it.

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Step 4

After uploading the picture, tap Got it to return to the Account Settings page. During the verification process, the identity verification status will be shown as ‘Verifying ID’. Please wait while the system processes the verification.

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When the status changes to ‘Facial verification not completed’, it means your identity document verification has been completed. Tap on Identity Verification, and you will be able to view all the benefits you can enjoy at the identity document verified level.

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If your name is incorrectly identified during the document verification process, you can correct your name by tapping the icon next to your name under the Personal Information section.

For a step-by-step guide on correcting the misidentified name, please refer to the article How to Correct My Name on the Identity Verification Page.

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Facial Verification

After you have completed the identity document verification, you may continue to begin the facial verification process.


Step 1

Tap Identity Verification on the Account Settings page. Then scroll down to the bottom, and you will see the part on Facial Verification. Tap Unverified to proceed with the facial verification.

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Step 2

On the facial verification page, tap Continue and take a selfie. Please make sure that you position your face within the frame and follow the instructions.

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Step 3

After taking a selfie, you will see that your selfie is being verified, which will just take a few seconds to complete. Please tap Got it to return to your Account Settings page. During the facial verification process, the status will be shown as ‘Facial verification in progress’.

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Step 4

Once the status changes to ‘Verified’, it means you have completed all verification processes. Tap Identity Verification, and you will be able to see the benefits of a fully verified account.

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5. Identity Verification (KYC) FAQs

Q1. Do I have to verify my identity?

By requiring users to complete identity verification (KYC), BTCC can ensure compliance with cryptocurrency industry regulations. At the same time, identity verification can effectively reduce fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing, amongst other malicious activities on the BTCC platform.

Users can also secure their assets by undergoing identity verification. In addition, users can enjoy more benefits on the BTCC platform, such as:

• Increased limits for deposits and withdrawals; and

• The eligibility to participate in more campaigns to receive bonuses and rewards.

Please note that other services and features, such as live trading and market widget, are not restricted by users’ identity verification levels.


Q2. What are the documents required to complete KYC?

To complete KYC, the following documents are required 👇


For identity document verification:

• A photo of your ID (Passport, national ID, driver’s licence, or residence permit).

• All uploaded documents must be valid (not expired).

• Please make sure that all information on the document is clearly readable.


For facial verification:

• Please look straight at the camera when taking a selfie. Please make sure the photo shows your face clearly.

• The selfie must be a photo taken of yourself, but not a photo of a picture.

• Please ensure the person taken in the selfie matches the photo of the previously submitted ID.


Q3: How long does it take for the KYC verification process to complete?

Under normal circumstances, the verification processes for identity documents and facial verification usually just take several seconds to complete.


If it takes more than 5 minutes, please get in touch with our customer support via 🎧 Live Chat for assistance.


Q4. Why did my KYC fail?

Possible reasons for identity document verification failure 👇

• The system detected there is a different account using the same identity information you submitted. Please note that BTCC only allows one account per person.

• The photo of the identity document uploaded was cropped, not clear, or reflective, or the document was not valid (expired).


Possible reasons for facial verification failure 👇

• While taking a selfie, the user did not position his/her face within the frame or look straight at the camera.
• Face was blurry or covered.
• Selfie was taken in a poorly lit environment.
• Selfie was taken with a hat/cap and/or glasses.
• The system detected the usage of filters.
• The person in the selfie differs from the photo of the previously submitted ID.


If you encounter any issues during the identity verification process, you may get in touch with our customer support via 🎧 Live Chat for assistance.


Q5. The system identified my name incorrectly during the identity document verification process. What should I do?

You can correct your name manually to ensure the name matches your submitted identity document. For a step-by-step guide, please refer to the article How to Correct My Name on the Identity Verification Page.