New Listings: AR, SNX, MDT, and AGLD USDT-margined Perpetual Futures


BTCC lists AR, SNX, MDT, and AGLD USDT-margined perpetual futures.

We are excited to announce that we have listed four new futures contracts on BTCC:

You can now trade the above newly-added futures with up to 50x leverage on our app and web. Below is a table showing the contract specifications of this round of product addition.

New listings - contract specifications

AR (Arweave)—A permanent information storage


What is AR?

  • Arweave is a decentralised storage network that offers indefinite storage of data, primarily hosting ‘the permaweb’—a permanent, decentralised web with a variety of community-driven applications and platforms. 
  • With Arweave, users can pay a one-time fee and store their data forever on the network.
  • The Arweave project was first introduced as Archain in August 2017. It was then rebranded to Arweave in February 2018 and officially launched in June 2018.
  • AR is the native cryptocurrency of the Arweave network. In order to access applications on the network, users must possess AR tokens which are used to pay for miner fees, endowment fees, tips, and other related costs. Users also need to spend AR tokens to submit information on the Arweave network. 

Current momentum & future trend

  • AR ranks 122nd on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalisation of $286 million.
  • Arweave went through its ‘Silk Road’ network upgrade on 8 March, introducing a new scripting language named ‘smartweave’ and a new consensus mechanism called ‘Proof of Personhood’. The former is a scripting language that allows developers to create decentralised applications (dApps) on the platform, while the latter is a mechanism to prevent spam attacks on the network by requiring identity verification before users can participate in the consensus process.
  • Prior to the upgrade, AR traded within the range between $8.2 and $8.6. And as of 17 March, it is trading at the $8.7 level, following the uptrend of the general crypto market. Given the uptick in prices of most of the cryptos, will AR continue to stay in the green zone? Monitor AR price with our market widget.

Synthetix (SNX)—Where synthetic assets can be created


What is SNX?

  • Launched in September 2017, Synthetix is a protocol allowing users to create new crypto assets that imitate traditional assets, such as the U.S. dollar, and digital assets, like Bitcoin. The process of generating these new assets is called crypto minting, and the assets created are called ‘synthetic assets’.
  • Synthetix is one of the emerging decentralised finance (DeFi) cryptocurrencies that provide their services through code without the need for a financial intermediary. Instead, it relies on smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain to tokenize the underlying assets.
  • SNX is the native cryptocurrency for the Synthetix protocol, and users can generate their own synthetic assets with SNX. These assets function as derivatives, allowing users to gain exposure to a wide range of assets, such as gold, Bitcoin, and the U.S. dollar, without actually possessing them.

Current momentum & future trend

  • SNX ranks 64th on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalisation of $731 million.
  • Synthetix has recently launched its V3 upgrade on the Ethereum Mainnet, and subsequently SNX rose to levels above $3 on 14 & 15 March, which is a 100% increase from its lowest point of the year.
  • On top of the V3 upgrade, perpetual futures cumulative trading volume reaches close to $2 billion and $115 million in daily volume, according to the data shared by Syntheix on Twitter
  • SNX is currently trading at $2.85. With the optimistic sentiment surrounding the coin, will it make another all-time high soon? Go long/short on SNX with up to 50x leverage.

Measurable Data Token (MDT)—A decentralised data exchange economy based on blockchain


What is MDT?

  • Launched in 2017, Measurable Data Token is a decentralised data exchange economy built on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • Despite the current age where big data is the new gold, most users are not rewarded for the data they provide, consciously or unconsciously. To solve this issue, Measurable Data Token is created to offer a blockchain-based data economy, enabling secure and anonymous exchanges of data between data providers and buyers.
  • The MDT token is an ERC-20 token used as the medium of exchange for data product access and user reward programmes. Users can earn MDT as a reward for their data contribution to the platform based on its utilisation.

Current momentum & future trend

Adventure Gold (AGLD)—Governance token of Loot, a text-based NFT project


What is AGLD?

  • Adventure Gold (AGLD) is the native token of the Loot non-fungible token (NFT) project.
  • Launched in September 2021, Loot is a community-driven NFT project that has distributed AGLD tokens and NFTs to collectors for free. It is also a project that generates randomised adventure gear stored on-chain that can be used as the foundation for games built in the future.
  • What makes Loot unique is its lack of user interface, visuals, images, or front-end functionalities. Rather, Loot is comprised of a collection of 8,000 unique loot bags of text-based NFTs. 10,000 AGLD tokens were airdropped to each Loot bag in the same month of its launch.
  • AGLD is the governance token of Loot, and users can vote and decide on the project’s future. Aside from governance and voting, AGLD has the potential to serve as an in-game currency for a yet-to-be-released game.

Current momentum & future trend

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