VIP Benefits Upgrade - Up to 20% off on trading fees!


BTCC Exchange has made significant upgrades to its VIP rules and benefits on 14 Sep 2023:

1) Maximum trading fees are reduced from 0.065% to 0.045%; minimum trading fees are reduced from 0.035% to 0.03%.

2) Users can now upgrade their VIP level by meeting any one requirement (“Total Assets Value” OR “30 days Trade Volume”) 


VIP Fee Rate discount




Q: How is my trade volume from the last 30 days calculated?

A: All open and close orders completed within the past 30 days will be calculated, including USDT-margined, coin-margined, tokenized stocks, and commodities futures. You can check your most updated trade volume by visiting your VIP page.


Q: How do I check my Total Assets?

A: You can check your most updated total assets in [Assets] → [Overview].

Q: When will the VIP levels be updated?

A: For users whose current level is VIP0, a deposit of 200 USDT (or the equivalent value in other currencies) will immediately upgrade your account to VIP1. For users at or above VIP1, your account will be upgraded on the next day at 17:00 (UTC), once you meet the next level’s requirements.

If you have any questions or inquiries about the information above, please contact our Customer Service Team through our app or website.


Thank you for your support.