How BTCC handles malicious accounts claiming reward points in batches


Thank you for your continuous support of our services. Recently it came to our attention that there are some users from Singapore, France, Sweden and other countries trying to claim reward points at our Mission Centre with multiple accounts. These users claimed reward points in batches by joining our communities, converted the points to USDT, and withdrew the funds afterwards.


Please note BTCC will take the following actions on these malicious accounts:

  • For users who have not made a deposit: all assets in the accounts will be confiscated, and the accounts will be banned.
  • For users who have made deposits before: users can withdraw the amount they deposited, but the funds converted from the maliciously-obtained reward points will be confiscated. 


All promotions and reward points given on the BTCC platform are for the benefit of the users. According to the BTCC terms and conditions of promotions, BTCC will ban users who maliciously register accounts in batches to obtain rewards, so as to ensure a fair trading environment for all users.


If deposits were made to those accounts before, users can still withdraw the amount they deposited. BTCC will not confiscate the amount deposited by users.


Thank you for your attention and understanding. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact our customer service team via live chat.