Compensation for the trading server failure issue on 16 Nov 2022


On 16 Nov 2022, from 14:09 to 15:30 (UTC+0), there was an issue with BTCC’s trading server, and users could not log into their accounts or trade on the web/app platform. We are deeply sorry for what happened, and we would like to explain the cause of the server failure.


Cause of server failure


There was a power outage in the server room due to external factors, and some BTCC platform services were suspended. The issue was resolved immediately on the same day, and we took preventive measures right away to prevent incidents of similar nature from happening again.


Affected services


Some users could not log in, trade, or use other services on the BTCC platform.


BTCC’s compensation


Orders/users that will be compensated

1. Orders that were forced to be liquidated in the loss during the server failure.


2. Orders that were closed in the loss between 15:30 and 16:30 on 16 Nov 2022 (UTC+0).


3. Users with closed orders in the loss during the period from 15:30 on 16 Nov to 15:30 on 17 Nov (UTC+0) and who presented screenshots or screen recordings that show that the trading service was unavailable.


BTCC will compensate the above orders/users by taking the best market price based on position direction (buy/sell) during the server failure to be the closing price for the affected orders.


Orders that will not be compensated

1. Orders that were closed by the users or by forced liquidation before the server failure occurred, i.e., 14:09 on 16 Nov 2022 (UTC+0).


2. Orders that were not closed after the server failure issue was resolved at 15:30 on 16 Nov 2022 (UTC+0), as well as orders that have never been closed.


3. Orders that had the Take Profits/Stop Loss settings.


4. Orders that generated profits.


5. Users who did not get in touch with our customer support during the server failure or within 24 hours after the failure was resolved.


Extra compensation


Each user who contacted our customer support because of this server failure will receive a 20 USDT bonus, regardless if their orders match the requirements for compensation listed above.


We apologise for the inconvenience that this incident has caused. We take this incident seriously and will immediately re-inspect all equipment used in our server/data centres. We will also replace parts and strengthen our systems to prevent similar failures in the future and will do our utmost to restore user confidence in us.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour customer service team on our app or web.