Pandashi, A Rival of Polygon (MATIC), Raises $2 Million in Pre-Sale


The Pandoshi (PAMBO) platform is a new decentralized finance (DeFi) initiative that is making waves in the cryptocurrency world. This diverse ecosystem has demonstrated its immense potential in the DeFi area by successfully raising $2 million in its ongoing presale.



From a decentralized exchange and non-custodial wallet to prepaid crypto cards and educational platforms, Pandoshi has it all, powered by an energy-efficient Proof of Stake technology and a Layer 2 network. Platform activities rely on the utility token PAMBO.


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What Makes Pandoshi Unique



Despite the attention that Pandoshi’s meme-inspired branding has garnered, the project is not without real substance. The core goals of Pandoshi are the promotion of decentralization, the establishment of community governance, and the removal of Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements from private cryptocurrency transactions.



PAMBO’s value grows with time since it has deflationary tendencies. The circulating supply of PAMBO tokens is reduced through the purchase and permanent burning of tokens made possible by fees created by ecosystem activity. The value of a token rises when its demand exceeds its supply.









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Presale Performance Indicates High Potential



With almost $2 million raised in its fourth presale session, Pandoshi has shown incredible early traction. Throughout this multi-stage presale, PAMBO’s value has increased 400%, from $0.002 to its current $0.008. In the last stage, PAMBO’s price is expected to reach $0.01, providing early supporters with significant gains.


Similar to Polygon’s (MATIC) early rise, which had meteoric growth in 2021, its presale result is reflective of that. Pandoshi plans to use its innovative ecosystem to achieve the same thing and shake up the market.







What Sets Pandoshi Apart from Competitors



Prepaid crypto cards, metaverse gaming, educational platforms, and more are just a few examples of the practical applications that Pandoshi provides. Because of this, it becomes more appealing to regular people as well as crypto experts.


Also, Pandoshi highlights community ownership by giving token holders a voice in growth via staking and voting rights-based participatory governance. The approach promotes sustainability by adapting the environment to user needs, which is centred around the community. Polygon, on the other hand, uses its core developer staff mostly to plan the technical future of the network.

In a thrilling update released on Twitter last week, the Pandoshi team revealed that they are ahead of schedule with many things, including the beta launch of the much-anticipated Pandoshi Wallet app for iOS and Android mobile devices. This important step forward for the young enterprise comes in the middle of the ongoing presale event. The wallet’s original plan was to support all chains that were compatible with EVM in its beta version, but it may get support for chains that aren’t compatible with EVM in later releases.








Conclusion: Unveiling the Potential for Growth in 2024



Based on the positive aspects, experts believe that PAMBO has the ability to achieve similar success as MATIC, with returns of over 1,000% in 2024. Pandoshi’s ambitious expansion plans for the year ahead are reinforced by its feature-rich environment, community-centric attitude, and presale momentum.


While industry heavyweights like Polygon face saturation, Pandoshi has no such constraints due to his legacy. Investors might gain a lot from PAMBO’s rise if they get in on this trend soon.


Pandoshi strikes a new balance between form and function in decentralized finance. Looking ahead, Pandoshi plans to become a big player in the industry and win over the community in 2024.




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