BTCC Introduces New Futures Category, Providing Users with Diversified Trading Experience


BTCC has introduced quarterly futures with customizable leverage of 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x that are margined in BTC, ETH, and XRP as a start.


The world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange, BTCC Exchange, just added coin-margined quarterly futures to its product categories, introducing the usage of Bitcoin and other altcoins as the settlement currencies on the exchange.



BTCC Exchange


Beginning with BTC, ETH, and XRP-margined quarterly futures, We are offering customizable leverage of 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x. Users who want to trade futures with coins as the margin can deposit the aforementioned currencies into the exchange without first converting them to USDT or another stablecoin.


Futures with a coin margin are inverse contracts that are priced and settled in the underlying asset. It is quoted and settled in BTC, for instance, in the case of futures with a BTC margin. The fact that the underlying asset can easily be utilized as a hedge in a trader’s portfolio as well as a currency to settle futures is one of its key features. Given the characteristics of coin-margined contracts, it is especially advantageous for traders who want to hold their digital assets while engaging in futures trading, particularly during a bull market.


Coin-margined futures on BTCC are now settled quarterly and incur no funding fees while the positions are held.


Users of our platform can now trade contracts that are USDT-margined or coin-margined on the web and mobile platforms, respectively, thanks to this new product category addition.


The exchange has several product releases scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


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