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Thank you for using the BTCC platform. Have you started exploring the crypto market? Just a quick reminder that our demo trading function can help you familiarise yourself with the actual market with $0 cost!


Begin Demo Trading in 2 Steps

  1. Switch to Demo Trading, Select Demo Trading at the top right corner of the Home page. A virtual fund of 100.000USDT is available in your demo account.
  2. Go to Futures & start trading. Tap Futures at the bottom of the page. You may practise trading by opening positions on the crypto you like. You can also set up the order by choosing the order type and the number of lots.



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Why Should you Try Demo Trading?

Practise Your Skills

Put your strategies to the test without the need to deposit any real crypto.

 Familiarise with the Platform

A demo account simulates an almost identical live trading environment, providing a live trading experience for users.

Know the Fees & Trading Conditions Better

Account verification can help prevent criminals and terrorist organisations from laundering illegally obtained money on BTCC, thereby ensuring the security of the platform and your account.

It’s Completely Free

What tops the list is that demo trading is 100% free of charge. Why not give it a try?


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