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BTCC tester recruitment plan (400USDT per month)

We are hiring!

Mobile App Testers for BTCC (400USDT/month)


To improve the user experience on the BTCC platform, we are now looking for app testers who can work with us every day. The details and requirements are as follows:




Work hours required:

One hour per day every day


Your job:

You will be required to complete the whole app testing process independently, upload your screen recordings, provide us with your feedback and comments on the app, and complete the final checking with our staff.



You need to be based in one of the following countries to be eligible for this job: USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and Japan. One candidate is required for each of the countries, i.e. a total of 5 candidates is required. 


You also need to have a good command of the English language. Candidates with experience in trading and Android users are preferred.


Means of Communication:

All app testers are required to communicate with our staff via WhatsApp.



  • 300USDT and a bonus of 100USDT monthly; OR
  • 10USDT and a bonus of 3USDT daily


Wage payment:

Wages will be paid directly to the app tester’s BTCC account in USDT and they are entirely withdrawable and tradable. However, please note you cannot trade with the bonus or withdraw the bonus, but it can be used to cover the transaction fees, overnight interests, and losses incurred in trading. The calculation day of the week’s wages is on Mondays and the wages will be paid on Fridays.


The App Testing Process


Screen recordings:

You will have to complete the app testing process by following the below steps and recording your screen on your mobile device. 


  • Step 1 - Download the app & sign up: Search for the BTCC app on the App Store or Google Play, download the app, and register for an account.
  • Step 2 - Fiat currency deposit: Make a deposit of 5USDT in fiat currency through the payment channels listed on the app and check the deposit notice afterwards. The deposit will be refunded together with your wages on Fridays; however, if the deposit is withdrawn during the testing process, it will not be refunded.
  • Step 3 - Check the deposit and withdrawal pages: Go to the Buy Crypto, Deposit, and Convert pages to see if there is any problem.
  • Step 4 - Check the Market page: Tap on any of the products on the Market page and see if the candlestick chart and other functions are working properly.
  • Step 5 - Go to Messages and Live Chat: Check if there is any problem with the Message page and go to our Live Chat to see if it is working fine.
  • Step 6 - Go to Mission Centre and Free Bonus: Check in at the Mission Centre and go to the Free Bonus page to play the Lucky Roulette Wheel once.
  • Step 7 - Visit our official website: Tap on our website link, which will be sent to you via WhatsApp, and see if everything is displaying correctly.


Your feedback and comments:

After the app testing process is completed, please fill in the feedback form (which will be sent to you before the test). Please send both your screen recordings and completed feedback form to us afterwards.



Your wages for the week will be confirmed and paid every Friday.


Application for the Job


If you are interested in this job, please reach out to us by clicking the link below, which will then take you to our official Telegram communication channel (@BTCC_test).

 I would like to apply for the job


Please ask our staff for the feedback form and confirm the job details and wages before proceeding to the app testing process, otherwise, it will not be considered as a valid application. If any fraudulent activity is detected during the app testing process, we will immediately terminate the cooperation and wages will not be paid.


Please note we shall close the advertisement after the recruitment process has concluded. 

Thank you for your interest in working with BTCC.