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Bitcoin Halving Penalty for Violation

Dear BTCC Customers,

Thank you for supporting Bitcoin Halving in the past 20 days. The bonus will be given away during 6/1-6/3.

In this activity【Bitcoin halving】some users illegally received USDT rewards through various malicious acts. In order to protect the rights and interests of other users who participate in the activity normally, according to the rules in BTCC's 【Bitcoin halving】Get a BTC for Free, BTCC will impose penalties on the following users. Please see below for details of penalties, thank you.

Regulation of Penalty for Violation:

1. BTCC will not confiscate the principal and the profit amount brought by the principal. The following profits and principal of the violators can be withdrawn normally;

2. BTCC will not confiscate KYC bonus (7 USDT per person) from the violators. The following KYC 7USDT bonus from the violators have actually been received and can be withdrawn for trading;

3. There would be no extra penalty to the violators. (Withdrawals are still available)

4. BTCC would not block the violators. Second chances are provided.

5. Normal user accounts related to the violators will not be punished (for example, A and B are in an invitation relationship, A violates the rules, B participated normally in the activity, only A is punished, and B normally enjoys rights and interests)

6. BTCC would not give the bonus to the violators.

7. If the violators break the rule again in the future bounty program. The account would be blocked.

8. Normal users in the name of the violators are normally counted as rewards (for example, there are BCDF related to A,  B illegally received USDT rewards through various malicious acts, and the CDF normally participated in the activity, A can still enjoy the rewards brought by CDF)

9. Except the penalty above. Other rights remain available. (EX: Other bounty program)


Since BTCC will not make any substantial punishment (such as withholding funds, blocking accounts, etc.) for those violators, only to cancel the rewards caused by the illegal operations, this punishment will not accept appeals.


List of Violations:














There will be tons of new bounty programs in the upcoming June. Stay tune!



May 31st 2020