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【Limited】May.Deposit Now to Get 500 USDT(Finished)

Dear BTCC community!

We are hosting First Deposit Giveaways for our community!

You can win up to 500 USDT for your first deposit. 

Check out the detail below:


1. Make the first deposit

2. Contact our online customer service to provide your account detail

3. Claim the prize


Activity Period:

01 April, 00:00:00 to 31 May, 23:59:59

* Only users register before 31 May can participate in this activity

* The First Deposit Bonus will not be valid after 30 Jun. 2020



1. The first deposit bonus can only be used for trading and cannot be withdrawn

2.The first deposit bonus will not be valid after 30 Jun 2020, but it will not affect the profit you get from trading with your first deposit bonus

3. Any withdrawal before the 30 Jun will be considered as giving up your bonus, and you need to contact online customer service to make the withdrawal.

4. BTCC reserves the right to cancel or amend the activity or activity rules at our sole discretion.