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Predict BTC/USDT price to win your Easter gift!

Dear all Crypto Lovers:

To celebrate Easter holiday, we will give out a BTCC physical silver coin 2020 limited edition, the pure silver coin celebrates the year of 2020. In ancient China, silver coin symbolized good fortune and is considered as a precious gift for auspicious blessing.


Each coin is made of pure silver and the circular pattern of 2020 symbolized the prosperity of the blockchain industry, while the leaves pattern in the outer layer mean the cryptocurrency industry will continuously to grow and flourish in the future. The meaning of the coin resonates with our belief and philosophy.


Activity period:


18:00 on April 09, 2020 to 21:00 on April 13, 2020 (UTC + 8)




1.      Follow BTCC’s official Twitter account (@YourBTCC).


2.      Retweet the activity and tag 3 friends.


3.      Predict BTC/USDT price on 13 April, 21:00 (UTC + 8).


4.      Hashtag your predicted BTC/USDT price and hashtag BTCC.


5.      We will select one lucky winner with the closest price.




1.      The silver BTCC coin will be delivered by mail within 7 days after the announcement (Due to the Coronavirus, the delivery time might be postponed).


2.      BTCC will announce the winner within 2 working days after the campaign has ended.


3.      We will base on the BTCC index price at the specified time to select the winner with the closest price.


4.      BTCC reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition or competition rules at our sole discretion