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Introduction to Forced Liquidation

What is forced liquidation?
If the account fails to meet the maintenance margin requirements, it will enter the liquidation process and be liquidated in accordance with the principle of loss and time priority. If the margin requirements have not been met after the forced liquidation, the liquidation will continue until the maintenance margins are met.
For exaple, Peter has 500USDT in its account balance. If he places a position with initial margin of 100USDT, the availale balance is the remaining 4000USDT. The liquidation process starts when the availalbe balance in the account and 70% of the used margin were fully cleared. That is, when the available balance is less than 30% of the used margin, the position will be liquidated. After being liquidated, the remaining funds, after deducting the trading fees, will be returned to the traders' account.
BTCC employs cross margin mode to weekly contract, which means the margin is shared between the open positions. Therefore, traders can place stop loss orders at the price they desire. Placing a stop-lossorder in cross margin mode can achieve the same effect as trading in isolated margin mode.
In CFD trading, a Stop-loss order is suggested to be set in order to reduce potential risks.