VIP benefits and fee rate upgrade notice


To enhance the benefits for our VIP users, BTCC will upgrade the VIP fee rate programme at 06:00 in the morning on 5 December 2022 (UTC+0). The new VIP fee rate programme will be effective immediately after the upgrade.


Major adjustments




●The requirements for VIP level upgrades include both users’ assets and 30-day trade volume*, which will both be updated every day at 21:00 (UTC+0). 

●VIP0 users will be upgraded to VIP1 immediately once they meet the requirement for VIP1, which is making a cumulative deposit of 200 USD (or other currencies in equivalent amounts) or more.

●As for users who are at level VIP1 or above, the VIP levels will be automatically upgraded or downgraded every day at 21:00 (UTC+0) based on the users’ assets and 30-day trade volume*.


*The 30-day trade volume is the sum of the trading volume of USDT-margined futures, coin-margined futures, and tokenized futures.


Perks and benefits


●Users will enjoy conversion and withdrawal fee discounts according to their VIP levels.

●Users at VIP4 or above can enjoy a higher fee coverage rate with bonuses.

Important notes for existing users

●Users who are at level VIP1 or above in the current VIP programme will not be downgraded to VIP0 in the new programme. The lowest level that users will be downgraded to is VIP1.

●Users who were at level VIP0 before will be upgraded based on the new VIP fee rate programme.

●Users at VIP0 can still receive bonuses from our campaigns and promotions, but they cannot be used to cover trading fees. Once upgraded to level VIP1 or above, users can have their trading fees covered by bonuses based on the fee coverage rate of their VIP levels.

Below is a table of the details of the latest VIP programme:



BTCC will be introducing more benefits for users of different VIP levels in the future. Users can pay attention to our future announcements for the latest updates.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour customer service team on our app or web.

Thank you for your support.