System upgrade on 13 Sept 2022

To improve our platform’s user experience, BTCC will undergo a 4-hour system upgrade on 
13 September 2022 (Tuesday). Please take note of the following details:


1. Web and app platform system upgrade

System upgrade period: 13 September 2022 (Tuesday), 00:00-04:00 (UTC+0). The following services will be suspended during the upgrade:
●Deposit and withdrawal
●Crypto conversion
●Issuance of bonuses


An announcement will be made once the upgrade is complete.


As this upgrade will last for a longer time compared with the previous ones, please make deposits and withdrawals and convert your crypto in advance before the upgrade.

Please note that trading services will not be affected during the upgrade. Users can trade crypto futures as usual on BTCC.

*During the upgrade, it is possible that your asset details may not be displayed correctly. Please note that this is only temporary, and the display will resume to normal once the upgrade is complete. Please be assured that your assets are not affected in any way during this upgrade.


2. Mandatory app upgrade

A mandatory app upgrade will be performed at 00:30 on 13 September 2022 (Tuesday) (UTC+0), and app versions older than 6.4.0 will no longer be supported.

Please update your BTCC app to version 6.4.0 in the App Store/Google Play accordingly to avoid incurring losses due to the inability to use the app with older versions. This latest update includes the following new features:
●Addition of multi-currency wallet
●Enhancement of crypto purchase flow
●Known bug fixes


3. Change of deposit addresses

After the system upgrade is complete, all your previously saved BTCC wallet addresses will be replaced with new ones. Please do not use the previously saved addresses to make deposits to your BTCC account, as this will result in the loss of assets.

Update your BTCC app



Google Play:  
App Store:


If you have any enquiries regarding this announcement, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team via Live Chat.

Thank you for your support.