How to Deposit Crypto on BTCC



Thank you for using the BTCC platform. You’re only one step away from trading the real market—making a deposit. You can earn up to 14,000USDT in bonus now when you deposit within 7 days after registration. Read on to learn how to make your first deposit on BTCC.

USDT is the underlying asset and settlement currency for futures trading on BTCC.

● If you don’t have any USDT, you may buy USDT on the Buy Crypto page.
● If you have USDT in other wallets, you may fund your BTCC account by going to the Deposit Crypto page.

Here’s how you can buy and deposit crypto.

Buy Crypto on BTCC

1.Go to the Buy Crypto page. Tap the Buy Crypto icon on the Home page or the Assets page.

2. Choose your service provider. You will see different service providers on this page. The minimum amount for a crypto purchase order is 200USDT, but you’re recommended to buy 500USDT as it can help maintain your account balance above the maintenance margin level, reducing the risk of forced liquidation.

*BTCC offers different service providers for users to buy crypto. The selected providers will be saved automatically for future purchases.

3. Complete the payment. Fill in your details. complete the payment. Just a gentle reminder to input all details correctly as it can be difficult to recover lost assets.



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Deposit Crypto on BTCC


1.Go to the Deposit page

Tap Deposit on the Home page or the Assets page.



2. Select a crypto & the chain type (Network)

You will see five cryptocurrencies: USDT, USDC*, BTC, ETH, and XRP on the page. Three chains of USDT, namely ERC20, OMNI, and TRC20 and two chains of USDC, namely TRC20 and
ERC20, are available.

*When you deposit USDC to vour BCC account. the system will automaticallv convert USDC to USDT with the exchange rate of 1:1, and there will not be any conversion fees or losses incurred during the process. You can trade with USDT or convert it to other cryptocurrencies.

**Please make sure you have selected the crypto and the chain type you want and copy the address with the Copy function to ensure safe deposits of assets.


3.Transfer crypto to BTCC

Go to the withdrawal page of your other wallet and paste the address (or QR code) there to deposit funds to your BTCC account. Please make sure that the currency selected is the same as the one you have chosen on the BTCC app, otherwise, it may result in the loss of assets.


4. Enter the deposit amount.

5. Paste the deposit address (and destination tag) that you saved earlier in the corresponding fields.

6. Wait for blockchain confirmation. Your deposit should arrive in your BTCC account in no time.


1. The compatibility of the wallets/other exchanges should be considered. If you select incompatible/different deposit networks, you will lose your funds.

2. Please make sure that the selected network is the same as the one provided by the target exchange. If you deposit XRP to a BTC address, you will lose your funds.

3. Please always confirm the payment details before making a payment.

4. Due to the anonymity of the blockchain, you will lose your funds with any incorrect transaction information. Please confirm the payment details carefully.

5. Please wait for the blockchain confirmation. If you do not see your assets in the account, please contact BTCC customer support for immediate assistance.

6. For any deposit amount that is lower than the specified amount below, your funds will be confiscated by the system:

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