Go Demo Trading with 100,000USDT Virtual Funds


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Thank you for using the BTCC platform. Have you started exploring the crypto market? Just a quick reminder that our demo trading function can help you familiarise yourself with the actual market with $0 cost!


Trade demo with 100,000USDT


Why should you try our demo function?

✓Practise Your Skills

Put your strategies to the test without the need to deposit any real crypto.


✓ Familiarise with the Platform

A demo account simulates an almost identical live trading environment, providing a live trading experience for users.


✓ Know the Fees & Trading Conditions Better

Account verification can help prevent criminals and terrorist organisations from laundering illegally obtained money on BTCC, thereby ensuring the security of the platform and your account.


✓ It’s Completely Free

What tops the list is that it is 100% free of charge. Why not give it a try?

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