Get Verified for Instant Crypto Purchases on BTCC

06/10/2022By: C, Fiona

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Verify Your Identity in 3 Minutes

After signing up on BTCC, to enhance the security of your account, you are recommended to verify your identity and the process will only take 3 minutes.

1.Go to the Identity Verification Page

Tap at the top left corner on the Home page, then go to Identity Verification

2.Upload Your Identity Documents

Take a photo of your document and upload it to the system

3.Face Recognition

We use the latest advanced technology for the face recognition process – it’s lightning-fast and takes as little as 10 seconds.

Unlock Exciting Benefits When You Become a Verified User

Make Deposits

Enjoy the convenience of buying crypto with credit cards once you verify your identity.

Enjoy Increased Withdrawal Limit

● The single withdrawal limit will be increased to 10,000USDT, 10,000USDC, 0.2BTC, 10ETH, or 10,000XRP

● 24-hour withdrawal limit will be increased to 50,000USDT, 50,000USDC, 2BTC, 50ETH, or 50,000XRP

Stay Protected with Enhanced Account Security

Account verification can help prevent criminals and terrorist organisations from laundering illegally obtained money on BTCC, thereby ensuring the security of the platform and your account.